Debut album „REBIRTH“

(Release date: May 1, 2017)

„2040 – the human race has almost been extinguished from earth. Both men and post-human cyborgs have entered the infernal struggle for predominance, considering total defeat as the only, ultimate outcome. Never have humans tried to unravel the parameters of their own existence on a level as profound as this. Friendship, love and care are the humane shells used against the cold-bloodedness of the machine. The Second Age will either be a new beginning – or a fall-back.“

The concept album Rebirth” is THE|SPUR’s first release. The story of the world in the year 2040 is conveyed by ingenious song-writing skills and a coherent lyrical concept.

Orchestral arrangements and multi-layered instrumental highlights keep alternating, with Volker Praß’s “Gabrielesque” voice riding the musical crest. Both traditional metal riffs and virtuosic soloing blend in with catchy hooks and choruses. Brazilian Jean Michel’s amazing artwork finally tops off the overall work.

(Running Time 50:55min)

All music written and arranged by Stephan Schroth and THE|SPUR.
Transcendence co-written by Raphael Jung
All lyrics written by Stephan Schroth
Produced and recorded by Stefan Huth

All guitars, keys and vocals recorded at SH-Studio, Germany
Drums recorded @ comalounge, Germany

Artwork by Jean Michel @ Designation Artworks, Brazil
Logo Design by Dan Müller, Germany

Mixed by Helge Treybig at comalounge, Germany
Mastered by Lee Fletcher, UK